What Can Be Better Than A Targeted Traffic Ad To Your Sales Page?

Yes, you read it right. When getting traffic to your sales page, there’s something better than just an ad to your sales page.


Lot’s of people wonder… Hmmm, how do I get good quality traffic to my sales page?

So, they ponder and then they go out and buy traffic courses on getting traffic and most still fail to get the traffic that they really need to get.

The question isn’t how do you get traffic.. But what is traffic?

Internet marketer’s definition of traffic is about as general as high way traffic. People visiting your website. But wait, they use an ever more specific way to define traffic. Target traffic. Meaning, people that are commonly interested in your niche visiting your website.

To that I say great but, we’ve all had targeted traffic before and well, it just doesn’t always perform so well; so it’s time to redefine what traffic is. As soon as you let go of the original definitions, the sooner you can adapt for a change.

My definition of traffic is “pre-engaged people that visit my site for a specific cause”

Let’s break that down and simplify the complexities.

“Pre-Engaged people” – Yes, we are dealing with live, hard working humans with emotions and families. What I mean by Pre-Engaged is that, they didn’t come to my sales page from a simple advertisement. Yes my goal as a business owner is to eventually sell them something but not without first engaging them.

Pre-Engagement is warming your prospects up. For example, if you are going to release a product on the Warrior Forum, Jvzoo or even become an affiliate of a product I’d suggest releasing a pre-product that directly ties to the product that you’re going to be selling and give that product away for free.

Here’s how it works…

Say you just released a product about… making money on Ebay

You’ll make a pre-product that gives them great detail on how to make money on Ebay. This pre product has to be very valuable but remember it is just a buffer product. Your’e not spilling all the beans inside of your Pre-product. But keep in mind, although this isn’t your main product, make sure it’s a good, valuable and actionable product. (think of this as your real front end sale, nothing is better than targeted traffic except, targeted traffic that’s Pre-Engaged)

“This is where we split the beans”

Inside of your Pre-Product you’ll tell them something along the lines of:

I don’t want to just give you this information (reference to what you’ve just told them in your product, this paints the mentality of reciprocity)


I’ll like to show you how easy it is to experience your first $1,000 day with ebay. (you’re being specific on what your’e trying to do for them and you’re clarifying that it’s easy. Not sell them… Do “for them”. People like details and they definitely like when you’re not trying to do something for them and not the masses)

You’ll say something like:  

I’ve written (course name) and it holds your hand and explains the three simple steps (don’t make this pdf too long) Consider it a snack before the meal




(ok, so you want to put your course name in their minds first and then, let them know why it’s so simple. In this case it’s “simple” because you’ll be holding their hands through the 3 simple steps.)

(Now, I’ve learned any thing in my years of marketing and working with million dollar companies and that’s, that you as a marketer are an artist so break things down and paint a picture for them.

For example, I don’t know anything about Ebay but in the world of Email Marketing I’d simplify it by saying something like

1. Pick A Niche – Plain and simple (I’ll give details)

2. Create An Opt In Page – Takes less than 15 minutes (I’ll give an overview)

3. Make a profit – Sounds easy right? It’s actually much easier than it sounds

I let them know the simplicity and create certainty in them. 

Now, inside my course of course I wouldn’t be this vague, I’ll go though the intricacies of the 3 steps in detail because of course their running a business and not a hobby website.

Then you simply point them to your url that takes them to your sales page. The beauty of this is that they already expect you to give them more value and they are now a warm prospect. Just make sure when they see your sales page, it is a DIRECT PROGRESSION of what they just read.

You will do yourself a great service if you found a way to let them know that you charge a small price for it before they even see the sales page. People who are going to buy will buy regardless. It does not detour a person who’s serious to be told that you’re charging for information.

Doing these steps can keeps you epc down dramatically. Especially if you were to give your affiliates something similar to market to their lists. A/B Split test (segment your email list). One with a 3 day email taking them directly to the sales page and then one with a Natural Progression Product or as I call it a Pre-Engagement product.

Once you have that set up, what you want to do is…

Put your valuable, free product up somewhere like, The Warrior Forum and give it away on an opt in page. Run it like a regular WSO. I mean, you’re only paying a small amount for your thread to go live and you get quality traffic.