This is for those who want to know exactly what I use in my business and what is responsible for my 6 figure income.

We all know that email marketing is the bread and butter of any business. Email marketing is simply a way of collecting targeted visitors and customers emails to be able to stay in contact them and market to them via emails. I’d highly suggest if you’re starting out to use an auto-responder that’s really powerful, easy to use and has a nice and easy flowing interface.

The one that I recommend is called Get ResponseGet Response was responsible for my first $7,000 month when I first get started. It’s easy to use and only costs $15.00/month which is a steal when it comes to running your business. All successful businesses use some type of auto-responder and I personally put Get Response at the top of the mountain if you’re just getting started.


Since we’re talking about essentials, you can’t do anything online with these two things; a website name (domain name) Click Here To Get Your Domain name. Getting a domain name from Godaddy is the best thing you could ever do and most domains don’t cost any more than 13 for the whole year. Make sure you pick a website name that is relevant to what your website will be about.


And of course you’ll need hosting, hosting allows your website to be shown on the internet. Consider your website name (domain name) a car and the hosting is the parking spot. Hosting is rather cheap, only 10.00 per month. I have a coupon code that you can use to get hosting for just $0.01 for the fist month. Yep just a penny, when you go to complete your order just enter this with no spaces when they ask you for a coupon code      danielasmynetwork

Click Here To Get Hosting Here 

I’ve been getting lots of questions about what do I use for my sales pages and it’s a product that sold too many copies to name. I refer to it as my Money Builder of course that’s not the real name but that’s what it has been for me. This simple little plugin and theme is responsible for over $4300,000 in revenue between 2011 and 2014 not only my sales page but my client’s pages also. Click Here To Get The Sales Page Creator.