Tired Of Failing Online?

You’ve heard it a million times over and over. 

The money… is in… the list 

Sounds like a broken record doesn’t it? I use to think so too.

But here is a better question

If the money is in the list then, what’s in the list? What are the details to making this vehicle called “list” work?

Like a tunnel, what’s at the end and beginning of this list?

Surely the list alone can’t make me financially free. Right? Before I obtained success I read many books that promoted email marketing and they were all pretty much the same but none had any strong philosophies on what to actually do, just over explained basics.

Now that I’m successful I have an almost panoramic view of what’s going on and let me let you in on it… 

These courses that we buy, they were filled with screenshots of their success and their paypal and bank accounts which didn’t help me any. To their credit, some of them were also filled with great instructions, finding gold nuggets are always a treat.

In a nutshell here’s what they asked us to do.

1. Pick a Niche – No problem, we followed directions and picked a niche

2. Make an opt In Page – No problem we did exactly what was instructed 

3. Make a landing page – For our product or the product we’re promoting. Sounds easy enough and we did it.

To the naked eye, it seemed like a perfect blueprint.

We spent hours putting all these little details together, we get hyped to taste that fresh air of relief and worry… our results? Failure, AGAIN. Disappointment!

But surely, these were lessons learned, while I struggled, spending my last dime on something I felt positive would work. But hey, that’s the power of a well written sales letter Kudos to those people.

Again, life teaches in this manner.

But why? How can someone fail when they followed the exact instructions?

Have you ever followed the instructions to a tee and you are still struggling?

It seems like they give you every piece to the puzzle until you start putting it together (where is that dragon nose piece?)

There are some critical points missing, especially when you first begin. Let’s look at some of those things.

Points 1 – 100. I can’t stress this enough. You mindset is VERY important when doing anything you truly want to be successful at. You don’t only want to know exactly how to do it, you need the philosophies, the beliefs, the etiquette, the confidence in order to make it. You NEED those things.

Do you think a parent will only want to teach their child the basics of life to get them through? No… Just like a child that’s learning, we have to adapt to what we’re learning and prepare for this wealthy environment that we seek. You can’t thrive in that successful, rich place that you dream of in your current mental condition.

There’s a different vibe when you’re a Baseball player vs being a professional piano player or a MMA Fighter vs being a Neurological Surgeon. Trust me I have friends that are in both fields. Their demeanor’s, mindset and pattern of thinking are drastically different. All great people.

Most people who are trying to make money online want to go FROM nothing or $500/week TO $10,000/month

That’s like going from a regular 9-5 job to being a doctor with only a few months of schooling. Is it possible, yes but is it probable… NO. 

Clear your mind, you have to be realistic. I’m not saying to think small, I’m saying to think BIG with clarity. If you can’t clearly say what value you can or are able to offer people then, that’s a problem in itself. 

Do you even know how much money you’re trying to obtain yearly? What’s your projected monthly profit? Do you need to know that now? No but you need to take a second and scribble some numbers down to where you want to be by a certain time frame. 

If you don’t know where you’re going then you won’t get far, at all. Inspiration is good, but that’s not what this is. This is tough love from a person who’s been in your shoes most of his life. I waited far too long to learn what I know now. It was as if I was learning how to be successful very backwards; I was quickly becoming lufsseccus… Doesn’t make any sense right? Moving on.

I was so focused on the quickness of the money and that’s mainly because I was waiting to the last critical moment to reach for a plan or take action. It didn’t help that these courses teach you… Go After The Money! 

The money is only a bi-product.

In order to get wealthy you have to work on building you and developing you because you are a reflection of what you do.

It’s not about making money, that’s the easy part. But like a surgeon, what tools will you use to make what you’re doing a success? Not only physical but mental tools.

If it was as simple as follow instructions and you’ll be successful, then everyone would be rich. I don’t consider myself rich, but wealthy and it’s only because of my knowledge. A “wealth” of knowledge.

Knowledge is Power – The most powerful people in our world are usually the ones who seem to have the most knowledge

Power is Money – You’ll notice that the most powerful people are the ones with the most Money and the usually do less work.

Both of these statements are equal.

Buddha was very powerful and very rich and gave his riches up to live a certain lifestyle, but what was still there? His Power through his knowledge, which made him very valuable, irreplaceable and guess what? He had no money. He willingly gave it all up. 

When we become extremely valuable, we then become extremely powerful and money has no other choice but to draw to us. This isn’t The Law of Attraction this is common sense or more like physics.

It’s the same as you jumping out of a plane, you have no choice but to fall, falling is a quality of the jump.

You see?

We are pounded with the thought of Make Big Money NOW! 

The NOW sounds good doesn’t it?

But NOW is the time to create a momentum for the future, the future is every single second after – right now. It’s not that far away.

Learn the demographics of the market that you’re going after. You’ll have a really hard time selling a person flip flops that are looking to buy boots only.

Stop wanting instant gratification. Don’t worry, you’ll get exactly what you desire believe me, I’m living proof. Just, don’t rush it, there’s more details in this life that you have to adjust to and jumping in, YOU WILL BE UNPREPARED.

Be a good student and enjoy the contrast of what you’re learning.

Be passionate about helping, don’t do it for the money. The more you think about the money, the more the proper future eludes you.

Understand that almost everyone is a Guru to someone. So the word Guru is all about perspective.

Learn a little bit about copy writing because if you can’t relay a point then… What’s the point?

I suggest reading:

The Adweek CopyWriting HandBook by Joseph Sugarman

and The Ultimate Sales letter by Dan S. Kennedy


To conclude, email marketing is a business and as with any business if you put a little time into it and do it properly then you’ll surely see success. All you have to do is focus on what works and completely stop what isn’t. Remember, what’s good for someone else’s niche isn’t necessarily optimal for yours. So test, test, test and look at what works well for your specific list. 

That’s all for now, stay focused on whatever you choose to do. 


Warm Regards,

“Don’t Just Follow Your Dreams – Stalk them”