The Power Of Properly Using Lead Magnets

I get this question in my email about 3 times a week. 


Is giving away freebies a good idea and how do I turn that freebie subscriber into a buyer?


Yes, people love things that are free; so giving away a freebie isn’t the issue and it’s actually a great way to gain subscribers.

The problem I find is that, when people put up these freebies they tend to forget that the person who’s downloading that freebie is an ice cold prospect. In the internet marketing niche, 95%, heck I’d go as far as saying 99% of the time when the subscriber gets something for free, they are not yet in the buying mood.

So, I wouldn’t advise sending them to an offer directly after.

What I would advise is to create a lead magnet based on the product you’re selling or promoting.

Lead magnet definition – A piece of content created to give value and then entice your prospect to buy your product. Consider your lead magnet the preview before the movie, the taste test before the plate of food. A lead magnet is a short, powerful, valuable and enticing. Remember, the idea is natural progression.

Here’s an example of how you use lead magnets in a real world situation but before we move forward, please note that you should always create at least 4 lead magnets for each campaign that you are trying to sell your product or your affiliate product.

1st. the prospect will sees your ad

An ad is short for advertisement; in this case it means, anything that can take your customer from where they are, to the page that you are promoting your Lead Magnet.

An ad could be:

An actual Advertisement on a network or website.

An article from your blog.

A website linking to your lead magnet opt in page

A link in your email that directs those to your lead magnet opt in page 

A flyer that links to your lead magnet opt in page

A tv or radio commercial linking back to your lead magnet opt in page


2nd. Your opt in page is the place that they should be taken once they click your ad. On this page, they put their email address to get your freebie.

3rd. Next once they have subscribed to get your freebie, they should then be taken directly to their download page and on this download page you’ll quickly explain what’s in this freebie and have a download button, that opens up the document right from there. If they have to literally download it then they may never open it, collecting dust with the rest of their downloaded products and freebies.

So, you do this by adding it as a file on your actual website and link them to it.

As explained above, the best practice will be to create 4 lead magnets. You’ll give the first one away on your download page and the next one away in your email campaign. So, for the next 3 days you’ll be giving out lead magnets. Here’s an example of what one of my emails look like:


Subject Line: 7 Insane Myths About Selling Products


I have a free E-book for you today. Let’s get rid of some myths about selling products that will help you to quickly pour sales in much faster.

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What I have for you today is knowledge that you need to have in order to effortlessly create real success when it comes to selling products. Rather you have a product for $5.00 or $5,000.00, the same rules apply. You need to know the basics and be able to jump over the hurdles that keep so many people struggling for sales.

That’s exactly what I’ve put together, a 7 point guide to take you from where you are to highly increasing you chances and successful with your product sales Immediately!

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These crazy myths keep so many back from making real sales on their products and affiliate promotions.

So, what I do is break it down for you, so that you can clearly see what to avoid to make selling your products much easier to sell.

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Warm Regards,



Now, you can make as many of these lead magnets as you’d like, however many you’d like to make to make sure you get the point to your audience that you know what you’re doing.

Our goal isn’t only to obtain subscribers; our main goal is to give even more value and obtain buyers, it’s how we stay in business. We give value – We make money.

That’s it for this one.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Daniel Brown