The Insane Conversions

Are you Ready For Insane Conversion On Your Product Or Affiliate Sales?


I just wanted to make this quick post because, as I do business I realize that there are certain things that are in human nature that allows us to make so much more money. Studying human psychology and practices lets us know much more about the behavior of our actions.

I said I’ll make this quick, so here goes.

Don’t you just hate when people come to your landing page that you spent money on or that you’ve spent so much time to make only to immediately scroll down to the bottom? It’s funny because I had someone complain about a price that was too high and it was only $10.00 *gulp*. This person couldn’t have read the offer.

I had a client that says, he spent $15,000 on traffic and he only made $35,000 back (over 6 and a half weeks). My first thought was, this guy have a horrible sales funnel (which he did). Then I thought he must not have a mailing list, which he did. He actually had a little over 34,000 people on his email list.

So, what did we do…?

Yep, surveyed them

About 11,000 people responded and here was the question.

Do you scroll down on the sales page to look at the price before you were done reading?

Yes or no?

Out of the 11,000 people who responded 86% said yes.

Come to find out, people will read a little bit of your message and say… “Sounds interesting, how much is this going to cost me?

They see the price and try to justify the price as they scroll down, then they’ll usually leave.

But they keep it in mind along with the other 20 products that they have seen that week.

We as humans like to collect things of interest, even if it’s just collecting prices. If you think about it, if you collect that price you already know how much it costs to get that product which is available to you at any moment.
Or.. Maybe the person just doesn’t have the money for it at the time.

Or.. Maybe the computer died

Or.. Maybe the baby started crying

Or.. Any other valid excuse
So, here’s where’s it gets short and sweet.

We handled his next product launch pretty well.

He spent $5,000.00 in marketing this time

This time when the prospects went to his sales page there was no price on the page at all.

Instead there was an opt in form asking them to put their email in if they wanted to see the price.

This product was almost exactly identical to his last one and he spent only $5,000 marketing it and best of all the pricing was $10.00 lower and he made $59,000.00 in the same 6 and a half weeks time frame.

How did this happen?

This happened because we made small changes to the sales funnel. Very small changes. You have to make sure it’s a good experience all the way through. Good value starts with presentation all the way to the sale and the cycle starts over. Keep the tone same tone from beginning to the end. Remember it’s about the Full experience for the potential customer.
What was huge was this…

The people who were opting in to see the price rather it was at the end of their reading or they skipped down were put on an email list.

They click the “Click Here To Buy Now Button” (which looks normal of course)

Then a pop up appears in which they put their name and email in to allow them to get to the button. If they really want it then doing that super small step is nothing for them.

This turns them into subscribers and it also can take them to your sales button… On the page with your sales button you can give a very small overview with no distractions on the page.

Now, even if they change their minds or whatever excuse they use you can still re market to them as a reminder. That’s exactly what happened for my client and he made money in droves by turning those subscribers into customers considering they were EXTREMELY hot potential buyers. Just make sure you have a follow up based on this.

We use this strategy all the time in marketing to make sure a person doesn’t escape our grasps. It was logical to put this in action on such a big project. We didn’t think the opt-in rate would be so high. Did you know that so many people actually hit your buy button and don’t even buy?

But if you think about it, the people who really wanted to buy was going to opt in to see the price anyways and after cross checking our subscribers through split testing, roughly 65% of the undecided people also bought. 65%!!!
To do this we used a tool called Lead Pages.

I absolutely love this Tool and it’s a great tool for working with clients.

The only thing I’d recommend is that you don’t use this on product launches where you have affiliates as this will not be attractive.

(Also, we used a method in the past that worked well too and basically, A pop up appears and it actually gives them a discount on the price that’s posted. For instance if you wanted to sell something for 19.99, you’ll put a buy button that says 24.99 and they click it and you then tell them in that message to put in their name and email and get it for only $19.99. This saves them money which is immediate value you’re giving to you.)

Warm Regards,

Daniel – “Don’t just follow your dreams, stalk them