Still Not Successful? Today That Changes

Someone asked me a very good question in my last seminar. They asked…

“Daniel, why do you think that some people who want to succeed choose not to do what it takes and still complain that they are not successful?”

My response…

“Well it’s simple, it’s similar to the reason why people who want to stop smoking, don’t stop smoking, even though they say they really want to.

The idea is that they have a belief system that says it’s more beneficial to continue smoking than it is to stop. So, if a person really wants to be successful then they have to believe that taking action to be successful is the more beneficial route at that moment than where they are currently at.

Similar to my own story, you’ll find that most people who have obtained real success are those who had their backs against the wall without many options but to go up. As you can see, it’s clear that the reason I’ve chosen this road is simply because it was more beneficial than the destructive, torn, poor, emotionally draining path that I was on”.

Now, I personally feel people don’t reach success because they don’t take responsibility. Responsibility is the Ability To Respond (Re-Sponsi-bility).
If you don’t take responsibility, then your lack of action turns into a habit. A bad habit will do nothing productive for your business. Let go of whatever it is that you know is concreting your business or life in failure; rather it’s a bad employee, bad marketing, bad investments, bad habits, bad time management, bad design, bad structure, not spending enough on advertisement, bad customer service, bad friends, bad connections, not giving enough value… Whatever it is

It’s time to quit doing it cold turkey.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to reach success, you just have to stop doing what the unsuccessful do. Then you will stop getting the poor result that the unsuccessful get.

Thank you,

Warm Regards,