So, You Truly Want To Be Successful?

I hope you are having an awesome Electric day. Let’s jump in.

So, what does it really take to move you vibrationally from where you are now financially to where you want or dream to be?

Do you know that you can’t go from here to there without the buffering? You can’t go from making $50 per day to $600 per day without some buffering. I don’t care if you have just won the lottery. You didn’t just GET THERE, there is always reason but how… What?

First it’s not about what is possible. We all know that anything CAN happen, it’s always about what’s the most probable.

1. In order to make money in this world you need one or two things. You need to offer a product that’s valuable or a service that’s valuable.

2. You need traffic to this offer.

I don’t care what you do those 2 things are the dominant factors of all success when it comes to making money.

But you probably already knew that right?

Have you ever turned on your tv and went to channel 27 and then turned on another tv and went to channel 29. You’ll notice that the only difference is that these stations are vibrationally different. You can’t tune in and watch station 27 and hope to see station 29 to come in.

In other words you can’t be poor and see riches come in. These are two vibrational standpoints.

But why? and how does this work?

See, the problem with someone who is trying to get wealthy from their position of lack is that fact that a wealthy person don’t have the same characteristics or properties of a person that is feeling lack.

The same way you won’t see espn on disney because they have different properties.

So how do you begin to blend the two worlds. How do we get from $100 to $100,000?

Some may think this is impossible but it’s very, very much like saying how does an artist mold clay which is in it’s normal state into a beautiful piece of artwork?

It’s a gradual process, a process of going general where you shed off those mental characteristics and properties of the $100 person and gradually feel and embody the characteristics and Properties of the $100,000 person.

Do you really think those people who make millions of dollars a year are better and much smarter than you?

If you do then that’s a limited perspective of a $100 person. But you can argue the fact that they are smarter. Well here’s the answer to that. I’m a writer and I make well over $100,000 a year making money online and offline. My friends and family think I’m a genius.

But let’s look at the truth. I have a friend who’d an AMAZING cook, she just makes up things right on the fly, she can taste something and know what’s in it. I also have a friend who plays video games and has won championships. I believe these are AMAZING talents. These same friend don’t understand that a person is only a genius at what they do. Einstein would seemingly be a complete idiot if you told him to write a new computer program. Bill Gates would seemingly be an idiot if you asked him to give you details about how to and what’s the proper wood to use on certain types of houses.

See, I’ve made a fortune because I realized that you can’t just become successful. You already ARE!


It’s not about showing the world how great you are, it’s about showing how great your are at what you’re good at and the world will respond accordingly.

Find something you’re good at and really focus on it. Following your highest excitement will quickly open up doors for you and here’s the beauty of why.

It’s because you’re tuned in.

You’re not on channel 27 trying to show the world what’s on channel 29.

You’re on channel 29 and they are viewing channel 29. Stop trying to exist on multiple channels. Focus.

Most people never reach success because they hold so tightly and focus so deeply on what’s around them that… How can the world around them change when they are soaked in their surrounding. In other words, what’s around you is old news. What’s around you is a product of the past that now has come to fruition.

If you are less fortunate now then you have to change your focus because that focus will bring more momentum to these unfortunate moments.


If you are broke and have been broke for a while. Do you realize that all that attention that you’re giving to your bring broke make it more real, in which gives it more momentum which does what? Bring it to your life even more.

Have you ever heard, the rich gets richer and the poor get poorer. It’s because the rich focus on different things optimism. The poor usually focuses on pessimism.

But one would say. I don’t… So why am I not rich? I will ask what are you now doing or providing that will now make it probable to make you rich or wealthy?

A product, A service?

The more people in the world that see’s you or what you’re offering as a good thing, creates momentum the more momentum you have the easier it is.

Don’t you see that if you have a hammer it’s easier to break a bottle if you have more momentum?

I hope this is helpful to you. I’m blessed to have such success in my life. I want that for all of you but you have to let go of what is… and focus on ONLY the positive aspects of everything. Contrast is good, use it.

Go forward and never, ever look back. I use to be extremely poor and believe me when I tell you there’s enough abundance out here for each one of us.

Have and awesome electric day.

Warm Regards,

Daniel Brown