Make a full time income with no expertise at all… disgusting title I know… Just Click it :)

This is how it’s possible make a full time income with no expertise at all…
(this can also be used for offline)

As a member of my network, we’ve tried it all (and failed ALOT) but one thing that’s for certain is that, it’s always great to find a method and stick with it until, it’s proven to work for you or not and that’s exactly what we do.

I usually don’t like giving out this type of information because I will always tell people to stop trying to sell people products in niches that you know nothing about but, I do understand that everyone wants to make money but that will NEVER happen without delivering great value first.

This method is something I learned from my mentor and I believe that anyone with the passion to take a least 2 weeks and cram their minds with niche specific knowledge can do what I’m about to tell them.

You don’t have to be an expert to deliver super high quality content and get paid top dollar.

Let’s say you are just starting out and you know very little about your niche but you are passionate about it, what you can do is go to amazon and find books in your niche; there are thousands of experts there so…

  • Go to Amazon
  • Find an Author in that specific niche with a book on that very specific topic
  • Click on that specific book
  • When the page loads, what you’ll notice is after the title they’ll usually have the authors name highlighted in blue. Click it.
  • This will take you to the authors page (back out if the author doesn’t have a picture).
  • Click the follow link under their picture (makes you seem more interested)
  • Read their profile and see if they qualify to be an expert in your mind.
  • Scroll down and leave a nice comment at the bottom
  • Copy their name and do a google search for them
  • Find them on one or more networks and seriously gloat about their wonderful book and if they respond, contact them and let them know that you’d love to get them more exposure for their book.
  • Quickly learn everything you can about webinars and Facebook marketing.
  • If they respond, buy their book and read it, this is great context for conversation.
  • If they agree then you’ll tell them the process (simplify it for them). You’ll get on and introduce your guest and all you want them to do is get on and deliver great value, with their slide show presentation.
  • They’ll give great value and present an offer worth thousands (you both profit, very handsomely). This will be easy for them considering that they are already an expert.
  • You’ll agree to split the money with them and move on.You can actually duplicate this process in the same niche, just solving a different problem for your prospects.
  • They have exposure, they’ll have more popularity, they’ll have a higher chance to get more book sales, they’ll get a chance to become an authority figure and you both have delivered value and made thousands at the same time.

This is one of the most guaranteed ways to create an income where you’re helping the consumer, the producer of the content and of course you’ll be giving value to yourself as well. Everyone wins. All you’ll need to do is learn how to put together slide shows after you’ve gathered some information from the producer of the content.