Make 5k/month with no money? Is it Possible?

 Of course it is and you can actually do what I’m about to tell you with absolutely not one penny at all but, you do have to have some type of skill or knowledge. You don’t need a website, opt in form or any other online tool.

See, money is value and knowledge is also value. You use money to leverage opportunities, so yes knowledge can be used the same way. I’m going to give you an example of how I did it…

Once upon a time in a far, far away castle….Just kidding. Here’s what I did.I knew this lady who was making great money selling peanuts on the side of the road, she had a pink tent that she used that looked amazing, even better were the taste of the peanuts. All I could think about was, “I love eating her peanuts. So, what I did was ask her, would she be interested in making more money by selling more peanuts? Naturally, she said yes, so I went around town to, small fish shops, mom and pop restaurants.
There were just all type of little stands and businesses everywhere that were serving food and by the end of the week, I had made deals with 36 of them to sell her peanuts at their location.

My goal was simple, leverage where there was already targeted traffic coming in.

The deal was that, they would get 40 percent of each bag they sold. They’d put her branding sign next to the peanuts. The first day they’d start with enough peanuts to make 10 bags and if they sold, then the next day we would give them 30 bags and if they sold, then we’ll happily do business with them. We started with the low amount to build trust between us and them.

As long as the peanuts were sold and the money was put in our hands at the end of the day, every thing was copacetic . If you’re wondering why they didn’t just started selling their own peanuts, it’s because her peanuts had a unique flavor, so it was like they were selling the brand of peanuts and not the actual peanuts.

You don’t put a sub place in your business, you put a Subway because of it’s brand taste (mainly brand name). Anyways.

The last time I talked to her was December 2nd 2014 and she had 103 small little businesses with her brand peanuts at their place of business. So what I told her was that all I wanted was 10 percent of each sale. So, she made 50%, the other businesses made 40% and I made 10%. The best thing about it is that. I never have to do anything but receive my check.

Every month is when we agreed that I’d receive a check. I’ll tell you this, every single month, I deposit a check for a little over $5,400 and that’s minimum. During tax season, this number is at least 7k. Not exactly financially free but I have at least 7 accounts that I set up like this. Value, value, value is the only thing that matters.

So, what I’m telling you is that, it’s possible but just like online you still have to give value. There are a hundred other ways you can do this but believe me leveraging and networking with other people to give value is key.

I hope this helps.