Is Content Really King?

Okay, let’s get this question out of the way once and for all.

Some say content is king and others will argue that design is king.

Well, here’s the deal; when you see two people getting married you understand the importance of them both to each other and their families.

So, who is more important in the process, the father or the mother?

If you have both the mother and the father there, then it’s safe to say that in order to make the child, they’re both equally important?

So, content is king but so is design.

You don’t believe me? Ok I have a question for you.

Send someone to a beautiful, professionally done site with no content on it.

Then send someone to a site with incredible content but it’s hard to read and it has horrible color contrast, a bunch of ads and distractions.

Guess who wins? Yep, no one.

What’s you’ll notice is that each of that both great design and awesome content exist without each other but it makes no sense to not use both in collaboration.

Content and Design are both Kings from different kingdom. Let’s not compare the contents of apples

  • Keep a nice feel to your site with plenty of white space,
  • Keep your site uncluttered,
  • Keep your content super valuable
  • Always have a way for people to search your content
  • And please remember to keep reaching out to me if you need any help

So, what are your thoughts about this?

Let me know below…