If everyone in your business market were your very close family member, would you still run your business the same?

Success is internal, much like happiness.

Let’s Jump In…

Sometime we lose sight of what we’re in business for. Some get distraught and think it’s for money instead of understanding that, giving value is the only reason your business should exist. Money is simply a biproduct of giving value and the least common denominator of being successful.

Owning a business is like making a movie, if you don’t present a unique perspective then the movie fails… The business cannot thrive if it’s a carbon copy of a businesses that already exist. You have to ask yourself, why does your business exist? Surely there are other businesses like yours, so why should your business exist amongst others? Is there something unique about your business or are you duplicating because you’re trying to make money? Surely if money is the least common denominator then you can’t build a structure from that focus.

There are two types of businesses, those that are vertical and those that are lateral. Businesses that are vertical, they are the innovative businesses that risk for the purpose of enhancing the overall nature of an industry. Then there are lateral businesses, which are businesses that are in a niche that already exists and they make small innovative changes that are not dramatic but different enough to be considered unique. There is another type of business but it is not listed because of it’s insignificance and that business is a carbon business and this business is neither innovative, nor creative and will find trouble thriving in their space.

The reason vertical and lateral businesses survive is because they are offering a unique, expanded perception or as they call it, a Unique Selling Proposition. These unique aspects are added value to our world. We as humans are constantly looking for a heightened perception and if a business is not doing this dance of new perspective, then they are carbon copy and if your business is carbon copy, you should ask yourself, who wants the same thing that’s been out? What value is that to the end user?

Don’t get into business to be successful or to make money. Get into business because you have something of unique value to give others. If those who you market to were only people that consisted of your closest family members and they depended on what you are presenting then, what changes would you make?

Until next time…

“Don’t Just Follow Your Dreams – Stalk Them”
– Daniel