How To Stop Failing At Creating Your Dream Income

This will be a rather short post in which I address why most businesses and individuals fail at creating their dream income.

The value of you give must be driven by the enhancement of human life, not profit. A profit driven business is only short term and will surely fail. A successful business is only sustained by it’s value not the money it makes. The moment it is no longer valuable then it is no longer needed and the money stops.

If your company is ran with the morals that you embody, what would that company look like? Money driven or philanthropy driven?

Something needs to be unique about your business because if it’s a carbon copy, then it’s not needed in this world. No one needs a business that’s 100 percent like another business.

Success is only a perception and is subjective. If you believe you were a success and someone you respected in your industry told you that you haven’t done x,y and z and once you do those things “then” you would be successful, you would then chase that definition of success. So, don’t chase success, it’s just a limited illusion.

When you study things to enhance the nature of your business, make sure to not duplicate their system. Use information that you learn as a guideline and not a definite answer to your business. There is no, one size fits all and besides, complete duplication leaves no room for creativity and how can you be successful without creative expression. Do you think you can use the creative expression that you just learned as your own? Surely this is not so.

I know you’d like to earn 6 figures a month and drive the nicest cars ever but the paradox is that if you are yearning for such things then you are pushing them away. How can you possibly acquire something that your mind is to tuned to believe you don’t have. This “success” all starts internally, it’s your mindset and the fact that you’re holding on to ideas and beliefs that you’ve collected during your life.

Don’t focus on creating the biggest, greatest business. Your focus should be on creating the business that gives you the most room to allow your creative expression. If you got into this to make money then you have to understand that money is simply the least common denominator of riches. Becoming rich isn’t what you’re looking for either; what you’re searching for is happiness, is that not what you want the money for? To live a better, happier life? Do you not think, that money will allow you the freedom to buy the content that will make your life better? 

If so, then you understand that it’s not the money you’re after, it’s the contents that make you happy right? So, you have to also see that, if you provide value then you will gain authority and you will perhaps effortlessly become “your definition” of successful. Then you can go and purchase all the things that you think will make you happy. Value First, don’t over complicate this process.

For those on my list who asked what inspired me to write this post, it’s simply because, there are so many people struggling and working hard to reach success and live their dream lifestyle but they are only looking at such a glamorous future because they are competing with the lifestyle of what they see others living. Don’t look at your business or life in contrast with others, if you do then you will surely fail trying to achieve what others have achieved. By focusing, you can achieve much more than you can possibly dream of and besides, this life is no competition, just live and be as valuable as possible. 

Warm Regards,

“Don’t Just Follow Your Dreams – Stalk Them”