How To Make It Starting From Scratch

Daniel here and welcome to episode 3. Ready for a crazy question?

If you were dead broke, and you won two million dollars, would you pay someone 1.9 million dollars, for them to teach you how to make 1 million dollars a year?

Let’s jump in…

(Doing what’s below can have you skyrocketing your income in NO time flat!)

Some people ask me a very good question, they say “Daniel, you may be successful now but what would you do if you had to start from scratch and had absolutely nothing?

No list
No customers
No reputation
No leads”

I scratched my chin (to look smart) and say…

“Here’s what I’d do right now, if I had to start from ground zero, all the way up until I’m making $10-$15,000 dollars a month.

Here we go…

I would work a job and while I’m working, I’ll pick one thing and learn it to the fullest.

I’d spend my time doing nothing but studying and researching that one thing.

After I feel like I have a good amount of knowledge, I’d take two days and assess myself to make sure I’m as proficient as I believe I am.

Then naturally, I’d take some action and get results myself (none of that fake it til’ you make it).

I’d go to forums and Facebook groups that are in my niche and give insanely great value for free, this is also a good way to get to know your audience.

I’ll keep in my mind that, there is nothing greater than giving people value because that is infinitely more important than the money they’re putting in your pocket.

At that point, I may not be the best person in the world at what I’m doing but I’m good enough to teach people what I do know. PLEASE, keep in mind that, as long as you’re being open and honest you don’t have to be the Einstein of your niche to be very successful. (my success when first starting was wanting to make $1,000/week)


I would then build an email list of about 20,000 people.

I’d give valuable content to those 20,000 people and promote some offers until I created my own product and set up my sales funnel.

I’d learn how to drive traffic (traffic is easy). Facebook, Solo Ads. Nothing else is ever needed. Master these two by understanding your demographic. Test, test, test.

I’d then set up a webinar, GoToWebinar is free for 30 days and I’d run 2 webinars and sell my training for $197, even if I’m super nervous, why?

Because I want to be successful and the only way to be successful is to break out of your comfort zone. What’s more important, your fear or your ability to make an incredible income?

And the sky is truly the limit from there.

With 20,000 people (subscribers) on your list, you should be able to make at least ten to fifteen thousand dollars every single month of your life on average. I’m in 4 niches and most of my niches, everyone on my list is worth at minimum $1.45. Meaning when I send out an email, that’s the average dollar amount per subscriber. Actually, I even have a new 5th list in gaming where they are worth almost $3.10. It’s a very small but very nurtured and passionate list.

I’ve learned that if you, take care of your subscribers, they will take care of you. Talk to them not like subscribers but like the hard working people that they are.

Think about this, if you create a list of 20,000 people and your average amount per subscriber is just .80 cent and if you send out an email you should get about $16,000/ during your promotions.

Ok, back to it…

Once I have reached my financial goal, what I would do then is teach other people to be on my team because I need about 30 more people out there, that are nothing but extensions of me.

So, I will delegate and multiply my efforts, simply by creating a team that talks great about me all over the internet. Painting a strong, lasting impression in other’s minds and points them to my content.

As long as those people believe in me and know I’m valuable, I do not mind them going out and becoming my aliases.

All of their efforts will point back to my landing pages. All my landing pages will give one solution and have one goal. Meaning it takes care of one of my prospects problems and there’s nothing on the page that will distract them from opting in.

You may ask the question, but why would I do it that way?

I’d do it that way for one specific reason and that reason is that it has worked for me and other marketers out there that are insanely successful.


There’s completely no reason to go and reinvent the wheel until you have reached a certain level of success and money to be able to take such a big risk.

I want to give you the biggest secret that I wish someone had told me when I first got started. Once you understand this, you understand that 99 percent of the marketers out there are only telling you this to slow you down from success. Even though I teach it myself, let me be the first to tell you that, success can very easily be obtained without any of the following…

“You don’t need to blog, you don’t need to podcast, you don’t need to guest post, you don’t need to do SEO, no social media posting or even have to waste time building up your brand.” These are things that take a long time to get right and you need a very good amount of followers to make a real income.

I myself follow about 17 great blogs and not one time, have I bought anything from them unless I’m on their email list. I also watch their videos and listen to the podcast but even though I love their content I haven’t purchased anything from them directly from their blogs, YouTube videos or podcasts. I’ve only spent money after they have built a relationship with me through their emails.

Those who spend all their time trying to build an audience like that, are simply hope marketing, meaning they hope that they will get readers and they hope that they will get people to buy their products. There are millions of blogs out there spending insane amounts of time creating awesome blog content and marketing it with no success.

Get the knowledge, test your expertise, take action and get people on your list. An you don’t have to wait 6 months to a year to start making money.

I hope this has been valuable to you…

Remember that, good isn’t good enough, you either aim to be great or nothing at all.

Warm Regards.

– Daniel