How To Create Content From Thin Air

Ok, so we all know that in order to be seen as an authority, we need to deliver great free content but how?

“Apple makes great product because they simplify complexities, keep it simple and get to work on the value it provides”

In other words, I know how hard it can be to think of or write great content but what I’m about to show you simplifies it.

Get on the list of every single person who you know, not think but KNOW are great top marketers in your niche and when they make a post, if it has great traction then you take that post and you give your perspective on it.

Einstein and Steve Jobs were incredible at this…

Think about this, do you know how many people refined the design of cars? A design is simply a perspective, it’s simply an opinion based on internal factors. So, a post from a different perspective is simply a design from someone’s creative and hopefully factually blended perspective. You take what you know and what you just read and go beyond it.

Once you learn something, you don’t just learn it; you look at it and pick it apart and keep in mind that NOTHING is true and much like websites in search engines, everything is to be optimized.

As my mentor says, “Don’t I Just O”

That means don’t Invent just Optimize. Once you’ve had success optimizing to the bone, then you have the expertise to Invent…

Also, what you can do is, if you see a topic that you’re interested in then study it like it’s the only topic in the world and then give your perspective.


My mentor says, “if it’s not great, then it’s useless”. I believe that’s true, so give great content that you believe is useful and can make an immediate impact.

Your content needs to address the problem and get right down to how to solve it.


How to Solve Whatever Problem


Reinstate the problem, tell them how you came across this method of handling the situation and then give the step by step solution.

Make it easy and make it a breeze to read with short sentences instead of big long paragraphs.

Then before you add it to your blog or email, you’ll put it somewhere online like a forum and see what type of traction it gets.

If it’s good, then what you’ll want to do is read the comments carefully because usually those comments will be filled with questions that can very well be burning questions that you can answer in your next post.

This is one way of assessing your knowledge. Never do anything without feeling certain about it. It doesn’t have to be perfect but it has to be effective.

Last but not least…

Don’t forget, when you’re good at what you do it’s time to think of original content. We love original content and we believe that rather it’s original or a new perspective (don’t make it feel like rehashed junk content) as long as we are giving value then that’s all that matters,

I hope this helps.