How To Build Strong Subscriber Relationships

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People ask me, how do I build such a strong relationship with my list?

We all know that the stronger the relationship is, the more readers will connect with your content. That’s all apart of delivering value.

So, how do I do it?

I highly suggest anyone with a subscriber’s list to put as much personality in their messages as possible and never forget that the people on your subscriber list are humans and they would love to hear your voice sometimes. I make videos and audio in other niches I’m in.

Familiarity, is just as important as the content you’re delivering

You have to find a more personal way to interact with them other than your emails and your blog posts. The vibrational perception of our reality, is based on our five senses and if they can experience you with audio (hearing your voice), see an actual picture or video of you sometimes (visual), then that makes you a real 3 dimensional person, instead of two dimensional person that only exists in black and white and in letters. That takes you from being a marketer, to being a human in which they can relate with.

This is how you begin to break down the walls of resistance, you have to keep in mind that, even though they signed up for your list, they are still extremely skeptical unless you’re already known.

Curiosity will exist in their minds, before certainty prevails. As I always say, we as internet marketers are opt in bullies, much like the white truck with the candy that lures in the kid; the kid doesn’t want to get in the truck but they don’t want to miss out on the candy either.

The same way most people don’t want to opt into our lists but they don’t want to miss out on what our lead magnet could possibly offer them.

So… Whatever you promised them initially to get them on your list has to be good enough to give them instant gratification and something that’s quickly applicable.

Remember, you are just one out of the millions of people that can give them solutions. Give them solutions with personality or fail, there are no substitutes for getting it right. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be effective.

An unresponsive list, is simply a list that does not care about the person who’s sending them messages. If they don’t care then they don’t buy.

If I was thinking about nurturing my list, this is where I would start as far as mindset.

But… Even though some people are nurturing their list there are those who just seem to be stuck in the loop of failure.

We’ll cover that in Episode 2: The revolving door of failure.

I hope you enjoyed this. If you have any questions, just reply to this email. I’m always here to help.