Hard Time Crushing It With Affiliate Marketing?

Well, this will make it a breeze.

1 sec… Let me get some popcorn (this is going to be good)

Ok, so the other week, my student Nichole posted her affiliate results for the first time (seen to the right) and some had questions about how she makes such great commissions and I gave them a few strategies on what I taught her.

Believe it or not, even though me and probably every marketer out there claims that email marketing is the most powerful way to market with the highest ROI, there is something even better but it works hand in hand with email marketing.

Here’s the deal..

My goal was simple, when I started I wanted to make $10,000/month (who doesn’t right?)

I now make that in a week (well almost) so let me share how that can be quickly accomplished by anyone.

1. You’ll need your own product, that’s worth more than the actual product that you’re promoting, your product needs to be valued at, at least 4x the cost of the affiliate product that they are purchasing.

2. You need to drive people to your video (webinars work much better), teach them something and entice them to want YOUR product. Let’s say that YOUR amazing product that can take your prospect from point A to B is valued at $1,000 and your affiliate product is selling for only $99 (50% commission).

I’d suggest your product to be something that you can personally get them on a webinar and teach them how to use for 4 weeks. 1 video or webinar per week for training + QandA. You can spend 1 hour for training and 1 hours for QandA for that week. So, 4 weeks is a total of 8 hours of work.

Giving away these little plr bonuses are good but sometimes they are not perceived to be that valuable and does nothing to paint you as an authority.

3. After they are hyped and want more information on buying YOUR product, what you’re going to do is tell them that all of your training (make it sound good – benefits shine) bonus if they purchase whatever you’re promoting.

If you get 1,000 people on your webinar for that month and you get a 30% conversion rate (nearly one-third) then that’s 300 sales for whatever you’re promoting (my lowest conversion rate). (also, I don’t have my own products but I do trainings…)

The Math? 300 conversions x $50 (that’s a 50% commission of the $99)

300 x $50 = $15,000 (not counting the upsells which sometimes offset the low percentage of refunds). 

The Key?

Simply make sure that YOUR Content is a compliment or closely related to the product that you’re promoting.

That’s $15,000 for 8 hours of training with you.

The best part is that you can add these people to your email list and when you do another webinar or video training, then you can sell a high ticket item.

Getting high ROI isn’t a problem when you’re selling something of extreme value and it’s presented correctly. As with any method, this an others can be optimized.

I hoped this was helpful.

Ok, back to eating my popcorn.