Get UP! – Why most people fail online

My name is Daniel Brown and I want one thing…

I want to be the reason you make your first one million dollars. This isn’t a sales letter nor is it written to hype you about anything.

Why do most people fail online?… Skip that question, here’s a better one. Why have you failed online?

I’ve come to realize that people look at other people’s success as a barometer to where they are NOT. You’ve probably failed online because you’ve fell victim of the mindset of “Get Rich Quick”.

Internet marketing is a business and this business is no different than offline marketing but people jump in and they see the flashiness of it all and their minds can’t decipher the difference between a business model and get rich quick program.

Value people… Value. This is what we’re here to deliver, the people you market to are hard working individuals with families. Don’t think because you’re online and not a brick and mortal that your morality towards them merits different actions.

People fail because they think they don’t need a structure… A plan… A vision. If you lack vision how can you see the path to success without a plan, how do you manage your ideas and growth and without a structure how do you expect to not fall when there’s no foundation to what you’re doing?

Get Electric about your future.

Knowledge is Power, is Value, is the thin air that separates where you are from where you want to be. Stop thinking about x amount of dollars. Start thinking about x amount of value.

As I tell my students you either…

“Live broke and dream of riches or Live rich and live your dreams”

The world doesn’t care which you choose. Money doesn’t make you a better person, nor does nice cars, nor does vacations, nor does helping people. You can do or have all of those things and be the worst person in the worlds but guess what… It matter to you doesn’t it? You are a reflections of your previous actions.

Take a breath, sit down and focus on who you can help and how. Life is perfect if you have the means to experience it. Life is also harsh if you choose to experience it.

Who am I to say these things to you?

I’ll just say this. I was once living on the street and can now afford almost anything I desire. So who am I? I’m a friend to you and I”m here to say there’s nothing that’s impossible. NOTHING!

Get UP and Get Electric

Warm Regards,