Einstein As A Marketer

“Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity”

Welp, I have been contacted by aliens, marketers of all degrees of wisdom and also, prospects who come to me have their hands in affiliate marketing and over the past 9 months of this year alone I’ve spoke to over 395 people, this is not including offline and there is one thing that rings true…

They were all doing affiliate marketing the exactly same.

Buy a domain name

Put content on the page with an affiliate link (this is the worst example)


Have a squeeze page with a bribe on it

Next they’ll cross their fingers rub their lava lamp hoping for a change.

Now I”m not saying these models don’t work but think about it; how much traffic do you have to send to those pages before you get a conversion, is it worth it?

Is that bribe enough value to warrant a sale? Would you buy something based off of that bribe? (yes I know this works and does make sales)

Is that content page enough to warrant a sale?

If it was really that easy do wouldn’t everyone be doing it and making really good money?

Of course Email Marketing is a better way to promote affiliate products but what is your conversion rate with a list of say 100 people? Does that list reflect the same if your list was 1,000? Meaning would that mean you’ll get 10 times the results? No, it doesn’t but it the world of ratios’s the internet marketing world would say at least 1% every time. Does that hold true for every market? What about at every price point? Hmmm… I think not. Actually I know it’s not true.

So, back to the main two ways;

Why is it that people will try for 6+ months to do the same thing over and over without result wishing someone would buy from their landing page or content page (which converts better with video)?

I’ve sat in a room filled with people who were were split testing for months on things that weren’t even working. I didn’t understand the logic.

Out of my almost 10 years in this field I’ve tried absolutely everything to enhance conversions but only one thing works.

Working hand to hand with your prospects. I learned this from my seminar. If I presented value to the prospects at the seminar I could have 30 to 40 affiliate sales a day. This doesn’t have to be done at a seminar though. Engaging with your audience can and will make it feel very personal.

Hiding behind a video (although more personal) and a page splashed with words really isn’t that personal and usually isn’t engaging.

Am I wrong with this of course not because I’m a test junkie and I know this and every topic is subjective but I’ll say this. If I reach out to 40 people and get 38 commission sales doesn’t that say something?

The closer the engagement the more personal it feels, the more they trust you. Which equals what… More sales because people buy from people they trust.

Remember we’re not salesmen we’re presenters. Presentation means everything. A person buys not because you are “”selling””; he/she is buying because the desire to fulfill some type of desire.

The more they desire, the better your chances are at selling. Also, people don’t usually buy the first time so if you have a sales page with no squeeze page on it then what’s the point? What value are you giving them before they even buy? Why are they going to buy something from you if they don’t even know you? Is your product that desirable? Are you selling something you know nothing about?

I hope this helps

Daniel Brown

Warm Regards.