Eff this man, I quit!

Those were the words I muttered at the beginning when I first started internet marketing. I had given up (for a little while) but, I’m here to tell you what happened to me that woke up an idea inside of me.

I was giving a seminar, I had 60 attendees each whom paid me only 15 dollars to come sit at my seminar which I labeled “the basics to making money online, the easy way”. I made $900 dollars before they even sat down.

Then I gave my speech and gave them a free gift at the end. As the gifts were passed around I asked them did they have any questions?

Also, after I presented I said “we’re giving you a free bonus today just for showing up, to show our appreciation. But first”… This is where I up sold them a product for 69 dollars (yes, that number was intentional, for subliminal purposes). I talked about the product as it were something they couldn’t do without. I sold 19 of them and made $1,311. So I made $1,311 + $900 = $2,211 on that day.

To sell that product, I put them in the mindset of… Ok, so you bought the car with all it’s working parts; now let’s get some seat belt covers to protect you from getting severely hurt during an accident. You have to make their WANT feel like a NEED. They (the need and want) have to feel like equal components.

Yes I took their email address down as they signed in. This way I could put them on my email list and let the auto responder shoot them an email with a link to my step by step course, in which it has my affiliate link in it among other things.

So, what was the idea that was woken up?

Relationships Equal Sand Timers


Yep, that’s the secret to making money PERIOD.

Making relationships before you sell anything. You have a certain amount of time to kindle a relationship before they are uninterested. In other words the sands of time are winding down and you have to make an impression before their mind makes a decision and the sand materializes into it’s structure of “yes I’m interested, or no I’m not interested”. The mind is impulsive unless you string it along. Do not spend time talking about yourself, internet marketing or any type of marketing ISN’T about you. They don’t care about you AT ALL. They care about the information regardless of who’s mouth it’s coming out of.

They need to feel emotionally attached to what you’re saying, so make your examples like a story and don’t tell stories as examples (until their in the door). Why? Because anyone can make up a good story, but you have to be good to make up a good example in story format (this leads to professional credibility). Everything I say here is subjective to the situation and I’m only basing the information off of my experiences. Which this method (principle) of thinking works very well as many of us know.

Hope this helps

Warm Regards,