Do You Have The BALLS for Unstoppable Success?

Here’s the biggest secret EVER to making money and having enormous UNSTOPPABLE success in your life. I’m just going to tell it like it is, in the most euphemistic way possible.

Whatever you do, Do Not stop reading…


You have to ask yourself this serious question.

What Size Are Your Balls Exactly?

Women..? Men…?

I’m asking a serious question here.

No, no, no… Not those type of balls. I mean the balls of your potential.

Look at the balls below, both serve their own purpose much like the worker at Burger king and the Owner of Burger King. Naturally we need both to exist.


Both of these balls have momentum in their own respect but one of these balls have the CAPACITY to “force real movement” and one has the ability to just “force movement”.

contrasing ballsImagine the grey ball as the ball with the most potential and the gold ball as the ball with the least amount of potential. There is no way possible to become successful if you don’t have the potential to become a success.


What real value can you give to others?

What do you know that can aid others?

Do you even have a plan?

Or are you just winging it?


You cannot be a leader if you can’t create more leaders.

Potential is the key.

Is your wallet big enough to hold a million dollars cash? Does it have the capacity? How can it hold a million dollars if it does not have the capacity, the potential?

Better yet, how can you expect to make $300,000 a year if you don’t have the potential? The capacity to even make $90,000…


What are your financial goals?             

What if told you that the grey ball was once the gold ball? As you see, it went from gold to grey.

See, you can’t be both the gold ball and the grey ball at the same time. Your qualities have to dramatically change. Take a second and imagine…


What qualities does that successful person have, that lives in your imagination?

Are they healthier? How can we possibly enjoy the fruits of our labor if we’re dead? Be logical and do whatever you can do to get in physical shape.

More educated? How can we empower others if we’re not empowered with knowledge? A doctor doesn’t make the money he/she makes because they have a great all white, long sleeve fashion sense. They are valuable because of their knowledge and the action they take with that knowledge. Your worth is a direct reflection of what you know and how you’re perceived. The more you know, the more valuable you are. Giving value is THE #1 quality of a successful person. Let’s look at some more.

Are they more confident? Sure they are, it’s not enough to be the smartest person on Earth if you can’t prove it. If you can’t articulate your point then no one will do it for you. When you know your stuff then you’re much more confident.

Do they take action? Of course they do. Get out of the mindset of being worried that you’ll fail (every successful person fails… Call it a trend 🙂 or  you will make a fool out of yourself. Are you willing to make a fool out of yourself in a good way in order to have the success that you dream of?

You have to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be. How?

Taking action. As we’ve talked about before, it’s all about momentum. You don’t get in a car and go from 0 to 150 in 10 second unless…


Your car has that potential —–>  bugatti


The same way you don’t go from $1,600.00/month to $30,000.00/month instantly unless you have the potential.


Do you have the potential to go from where you are right now, to where you want to be?

Be honest with yourself. 

If no – Keep moving, get education, get confident, and personally develop yourself. The wonderful reality is that, the life you want to live isn’t created out of luck. You create it EFFORTLESSLY by having a plan to give value and executing that plan.

If yes – Keep moving forward, get educated and even more confident and develop yourself even more because as you move forward and reach success, you’ll coast on it and all you have to do is keep improving and the momentum will carry you.

When a person is poor, it’s easier to stay poor because they don’ know how it feels to have true rich success, so they go back to doing what feels more comfortable; which is fine, to each their own. A successful person works under the same rules. They continue to be successful because they know how it feels so they maintain in. Poor or rich it does not matter what you choose. They both must exist for the reason of contrast, a point of measurement.

Look below once more at the balls…

You may wonder why the scale isn’t tipped more on the grey ball’s side. The reason is because they are both needed equally, they are indeed the same. The manager needs workers, as the worker needs the manager. The grey balance in the middle is the customers.

Without customers, they both lose. Customers create the reason of exchange. Without a customers needs, neither will have potential at all.


contrasing balls 

So, what does all of this boil down to?

Stop making excuses for why you are where you are, just zip it. Quit the excuses and make some plans.

Stop complaining about what you don’t have and do something to get it. Complaining is evidence of a poor mindset. There is nothing wrong with being poor but there surely isn’t anything wrong with being wealthy. Mentally and financially, TRUST ME!

Stop listening to the people who are not successful. You can’t take advice from the unsuccessful and the successful. Make a choice and COMPLETELY ignore the other one. There is no room for both. EVER!

Get educated. Knowledge is power. If you’re powerless, then you surely are not knowledgeable.
Take action. Stop sitting around doing things that take you nowhere in life; without risks then there will be no big reward. Risks are a part of success. Think about it.

Ok, I’ll stop there.

Success is easy to acquire but can you maintain it? Don’t let what you don’t see hold you back, remember you can’t reach success by holding onto the thought that you “can” make it and the thought that you “may” make it. Those are two completely different worlds. Stop hesitating, you know what you want… Get it.


As Nike says all you have to do is JUST DO IT and as I say…

“Don’t just follow your dreams – Stalk Them”