Are You A Broke Guru?

Oh boy another wonderful day in Daniel’s mind.
Thank you for reading this and as usual I’l make this as short and sugar sweet as possible.

Here’s the scenario…

It was me, 5 business owners and an older gentlemen who kept cutting the business owners off whenever they were talking. He was Dennis and he was known as a guru, At least that’s what the guy who brought him in told us.

Ok, here we go…

I was in a business meeting and a guy came in… He introduced himself, I was a bit excited to be around this business man who was also called a guru. (I think the word guru is cheap). Before the meeting started, I always suggest we take 30 minutes just to get to know each other.

No matter what I’m doing in my life, if I’m working with people, I like to know who they are and get a sense of their character.

As we began to talk I noticed one thing about this guy, he had no confidence and when he spoke you could feel his lack of integrity. He was not only, not being himself but he was a bit robotic in his response. I could tell he wasn’t a supposed guru and if he was he didn’t exuberate that quality.

Come to find out, this guy was not only, not a guru but he was barely getting by in life. He was scraping pennies.

You want to know why? Because he was artificial, trying to be something that he was not. I seriously thought it was an April fools’s joke.

I’m the type of guy that will get rid of the weakest link really quick.

If you want to be successful in life then I’ll tell you this, it starts internally.

Whatever you claim to be an expert at, at least learn it well enough so that you are supremely confident. I don’t care how good you are, if you can’t strongly articulate what you do then you will fail. I should be able to walk up to you at any moment and ask you 100 questions and you should at least be able to get 90% of them right.

Oh and I just use the word expert for the depth of how you know what you know. Take the word expert with a grain of salt. You are only an expert depending on the caliber of people you’re talking to.

Do you evaluate your expertise? If so, how?

How fluent are you at speaking about what you do?

Record yourself talking, write down questions and answer them as if there is an interview going on. Don’t worry about being nervous, nervousness is just a part of the process, much like pain is part of the process of getting in shape. That’s all you’re doing, getting your mind in shape.

The better you speak the more fluently you’ll write and relay your messages in general. Also, when it comes to writing, stop editing so much on your first draft. Pour your feelings and emotions down on the page, you can edit for clarity later.

Invest not only in your business but in yourself because after all it is YOU who are running your business.

You are your initial businesses structure. You can’t build a strong business on a weak structure. Stop faking, this only prolongs the attitude of an artificial ego.

If you’re reading this and are trying to make money then listen closely.

You need to be valuable – VALUE -ABLE… Able to give real value. Stop promoting products you know nothing about and only selling them to make a quick buck. If you wouldn’t sell it to your family, don’t sell it to other hard working people. Period

Stop thinking people are above you. There is no one above or below you in this industry or another. The difference is that they have become valuable to the point of wealth you have the same capacity or more. These people are no smarter than you are. Only you can define what define what success is to you.

Think like Mercedes… and do your best to give the absolute best value that you can and don’t worry, you will NEVER satisfy everyone so stop making products that cater to everyone. Be specific. There is no one size fits all shoe.

Don’t be robotic. Yes, success does leave footprints but that does not mean to fully duplicate that shoe print. Let creativity drive you but don’t try to re-invent the wheel (at least not until you’re successful).

The moral of this whole, broke guru story is, people trust people that are genuine, confident and valuable. Making money is just a natural progression of your actions.

That’s it for now. Went on a little bit more than I expected.

Have an awesome day and remember…

“Don’t just follow your dreams, Stalk them”

– Daniel Brown