A Simple Measure Of Wealth

I have to share this because there are so many people looking to make it and not just make it, they want to make it BIG. So here is a simple measure to know when you’re ready for real wealth.

I was in a private meeting with about 17 others. I was hired by a good friend of mine Matt who manages a car dealership in Ocala. I was hired to just listen in and interrupt ABRUPTLY when I found a problem. It was mostly a mastermind group. I ended up talking for the better half of the 4 hours being in there. These bright college graduates and business owners didn’t have the confidence exhibited in their behavior to be successful go beyond the lightly sketched shadows of where they stood. Mostly blaming everything outside of them on their lack of success and hoping to get somewhere¬†(you can’t think like this… be solution based, you will never see the solution when your mind and eyes are buried in the brisk depths of a problem).

Whey they talk or get up to demonstrate some of them them were kind of all over the place and I clearly tell the difference between being nervous and being uneducated or should I say un-studied. There was a evident knowing in who the leaders were in this group.

How did I know? Because Knowing & action are synonymous. If you want to be successful in this world you can’t properly perform under the light of guessing and theory. That will only take you so far. You must know with full confidence that not only what you’re doing is beneficial to those purchasing but it’s also very to the habit of how you conduct business. Action through Integrity speaks volumes.

So believe in what you know and know what you believe in because you will only reach wealth when this level of confidence is persistent.

Be VALUABLE beyond your competition, that’s your job… That’s your ticket, your key to the beautiful, blinding, joy colored lights of the pearly gates of success.

Have an awesome day.

Warm Regards,