A Client’s $500,000 dream

Hello and I hope you’re having an amazing day. I just wanted share a very short story with you and hopefully it’ll open your mind to some ideas. Let’s jump in.

I had this client in Florida that fixed computers, he was supposedly the best computer repairman around. He had a huge shop and about 60 employees. He heard of me through a friend who managed a car dealership that I did some work for and he asked me a question; He said “I have an ambitious goal, I want to make $500,000.00 this year”, I asked “why is that goal ambitious”?

He said “because I’ve never made that type of money in my life and I don’t know how to do it”. I’m very direct with my clients, someone has to extract the truth out of them. So I asked, “do you feel like you have $500,000.00 worth of information, better yet do you think it’s possible to make that type of money with the value you’re giving”?

He responded “I don’t know”.

If someone tells me “I don’t know” about something I ask them related to their goals then I start feeling like this isn’t a goal of theirs, it’s more of a dream. More like him wanting to be a bird in the next 6 months… We have to be realistic of our expectations in business.

A goal is far from a dream, goals are something that you feel is able to become tangible, we all know that it’s possible but it has to be something that’s PROBABLE and you the person making the goal has to KNOW that with a plan, it’s doable. Dreaming is something you aspire to be or have in which at that moment you may not have the capacity to obtain. Don’t build your business off of dreams and hopes, it leads to a broken structure and any house made on a broken structure collapses.

When I go to a client and they tell me or I ask them how much money would they like to make a year, I try to boost them up to say a high number. The reason is because I want them to aim high and in reality they want to aim high but they just don’t have the clarity to see or vision from that casting perspective.

Back to the story…

I asked him what was his core service? He told me that everything he does and to sum it up the only way he was making money was on one level and that was money swapping hands once once they paid to get their computers fixed, buying a computer, software, drives things like that. At the time he was making on average $3,000/week or around $156,000/year. According to him he’s never been over that mark. He wanted to go from $156,000/year to $500,000/year So what we did was look at what else he could do to offer more value. Upsells and more.

Quick Note: If you get them thinking big when you come in by talking about their aspirations, not only short term but long term then you open up the gates to getting paid much more. You get paid more by not looking at the smaller weekly growth with your client but by assessing where they are now annually and contrasting where they realistically could be within x amount of time. We as marketers are artists and in order for you to paint the path for your clients you need to not erase but expand on their recent canvas work.

Back to the story…

So, we put some very simple things in place. First instead of just offering his main service we decided we’d write a guide on computer and computer related prevention. The guide was 95 pages and very informative, the guide itself is a compilation of preventative measures that he knew himself and tips he grabbed online. I told him, all he has to do to sell the book is when they are at the register paying is to tell them the benefits of the book and how doing simple little things could have save them potentially thousands of dollars and not have to bring their computer to the shop.

Besides the book title should be self explanatory. He sells that book like hot cakes now. $10.00/book and think about it when a customer is in your business and they are already buying then that’s the best time to sell anything. Remember we’re not selling anything really, we as marketers are just finding good ways to present more value. These books went on to sale at little events that he held and was sometimes shown in his marketing.

Next, he didn’t have a website, so we built him a website actually two. His first website was mainly a website about all of his services and of course that book is on his website to buy. The main website is there of course to get his phone ringing.

The other website is a capture page, they opt in for his tips and they get a discount on their next visit. This solely for him on a business basis to get closer to the clients. He currently has 3,400 subscribers in which he could sell his book to, give discounts, give free tips or whatever value he’d like to give at the press of a button.

Some clients that come to him are for businesses and what we did is put in place a business appreciation package in which they pay a recurring fee and they get certain percentages off of their services and potentially x amount of savings in total (the savings were huge). This is also a similar package available to regular customers. What we also had to do was get him some more things related to business, pens, paper… Office things that he knew they’d buy. This package was only $15.00/month (there’s nothing better than residual income). Also putting more things in his business location turned his place into something more than just a “computer fix it” it’s more of a store that keeps customers in there longer”.

Next we put together a warranty package. He had to be careful with this one because imagine if just 50 people at his current time, had taken the warranty and their computer had malfunctioned. He’d basically have to pay out of pocket from his profits, to get their computer fixed. Now, more than likely that wouldn’t just fall on him like that but I’m very analytical and I like to look from all directions. At the time, we opted to offer this once he had more capital to fall back on. As of now it’s of course in full swing.

(warranties can bring complexities, I’d advise not even looking into them unless you’re the actual shop. Our goal is ease.)

I’ll just stop there…

I think you get the point of what I did for him, I did more things for him like Google places help, review help etc and included in my package. So when everything was talked about I sat him down and showed him where he’s at and pointed out how these things could easily, easily get him to his $500,000 goal or extremely close. Then I showed him the financial gap, I told him let’s look at this realistically for a year an a half. I didn’t want him to think this was going to happen over night. Part of giving value to business is being able to understand that you need to be realistic about their expectations. They want it now and you need to assure them that this implementation over x amount of time will surely HELP them reach that x amount of dollars goal.

I say right now you’re here, I grab a pencil and a piece of paper

$156,000 and as we progress you’re going to be here or close to here, $500,00 with these small changes. (“Notice that I said we” when you talk to your prospects, make sure you talk as if you’re apart of what they are doing, they like a professional on their team)

Then list the changes.

He was very passionate about wanting to grow his business and I know that that’s why I spent so much time there, I don’t like to waste time with tire kickers and if I don’t believe a business can write me at least a $5,000 check that day or sign up for an at least $500/month plan then I make conversation short. I only want to work with people who want a real future and that can see at least a glimmer of where they can go.

You need to make sure they can see it, make them see their future and believe in it more strongly. When you break something bigger down into something smaller it changes the overall perspective and makes it much easier to understand how it’s going to happen. Much like wanting a million dollars and have someone break it down how you’re going to get there, step by step and that’s exactly what I did. I broke it down in about 9 pages all the things we just talked about and it’s looks like this…

6 point breakdown…

-what plan we talked about
-how we will implement the plan
-how much expected time it would take to work (immediate, a month etc.)
-how much investment it would take to make it happen
-estimated profit per month
-long term plan with this specific idea

Again here are some things I put together for them.

Prevention Book in store and out of the store –

Website 1 – Main product and services

Website 2 – Capture page

Email Marketing Campaign –

Google pages set up –

Facebook Fan Page (with a $50.00 roll off campaign) –

Business and “normal” consumer appreciation discount packages –

Warranty –

And about 5 more things including a remarketing plan that we talked about.

I walked out with a $7,200.00 check and $700.00 per month. Before he paid me he asked “how much is this going to cost” I usually rebuttal with a “well, to take you from where you are, to where you want to be financially will take a lot of work on my end but I can get you there”. “A job this size I usually charge $11,000.00 but what I’d can do is $6,000.00 and $500.00 per month” until it’s paid off and don’t worry I’ll go a little further by helping consulting with you, this way everything is implemented correctly. He very quickly said OK and got his check book out. That’s that but as you see above he agreed to pay more.

Now, in general I’d charge much more for this but it was an easy job and didn’t want to overcharge. A rule of mine is that I don’t like to deal with offline clients who can’t take action… I’m not saying I don’t but I just don’t like to. I figure if I offer stellar value that can REALLY MAKE THEM MONEY then in return you will feel good asking them for that type of money. All in all, I never really think about making money, all I think about is how can I can better help them reach their goals, whatever they may be. Money should always be the very last thing on your mind. Find a way to increase the value in which you give. Sorry if I missed any details.

Warm Regards,

Oh and it’ll take a little too long to break down every aspect of what he’s doing but the owner is now bringing in close to $267,000/year and all he had to do was refine and optimize his business and that means he had to grow in size a little and this has only been a year and a half.

No amount of money is a lot to make if what you’re doing has the capacity for it.