$97 – $99 – $100 Which Price Converts Better?

There’s so much debate as to what converts better out of those 3 numbers…

Now, the reality is that, the person or company selling their products, would really love to just sell it at $100 but considering the “research and stats” that I’ve never seen, people would tell you that the other numbers will convert better.

Let’s forget all of that and have a look ourselves.

Ok… *grabs popcorn* (psst, you can grab some too)

Here are the three prices…


These unproven statistics say that prices that end with a 7 or 9 convert higher and they say it’s because it looks like it’s less money. Now, this may be true and people may get higher conversion by doing that (I can’t imagine much higher) but

Let’s get logical…

Let’s say, you wanted to buy your loved one something really special and the price was $100, do you really think it matters? Imagine that there a new product or software that comes out that is amazing and that you believe could really help your business, do you think it really matters, if it’s $97, $99 or $100?

No, of course not.

Here’s something I know for sure and if you’re tired of the “what converts better headache” then come closer and listen…


Ok, here’s the deal, your relationship with the people who are buying, is the most important factor.

I have a friend who sells his 10 week coaching for $499 and I sell my 4 week training for $3,000 flat and I get dramatically higher conversions than him, from the same traffic source.


Because of the relationship I build with them. it’s all about these 4 things…

V.A.P.P. I call it magic for internet marketers (like zap)

Value Authority Position Profit

You consistently give great Value in the content that you’re delivering.
This allows people to see you as an expert or as we call it, Authority
And this puts you in the Position to effortlessly Profit.

When you do this, what happens is, whenever you want to sell something, you can stress less about the cost. As long as you are delivering great value then nothing else matters.

People will feel a degree of “certainty” about what you’re selling them because of their past experience with “you” and begin to desire whatever you’re selling or promoting. It becomes a notion to trust you.

So, give great valuable content and this is how you make $10,000 – $30,000 per promotion or sell. It’s simply a numbers game.

You’re never selling the product; you’re selling what the product can do and using their perception of “you” to make the sale.

So, the question isn’t what is the cost of what I’m selling? The question is, is what I’m selling valuable enough to those who I’m promoting to and have I delivered enough of myself in terms of value to gain their trust?

Please, don’t believe what old, past statistics tell you; that information is just ground for general structure; business in all manners is dynamic and the only thing that matters is testing and seeing for yourself.


I hope this has been helpful for you.

As always, reach out to me if you have any questions. The next email you’ll receive from me will be much shorter and all about how I made it from being homeless to now making over $50,000+/month profit.

If I can do it, I believe anyone can do it.

Ok see ya next time 🙂