11 Critical things to know about surviving and being successful in Internet Marketing

We all rely on a set of things that we trust and believe in, and once you learn these 11 tips to surviving in the world of Internet marketing then, you will be 10 times more receptive to success. Let’s begin!

-1 Value means absolutely everything; the amount of money you make is in direct relation to the value you give.

-2 Build a list first; anyone who’s had any real success will tell you that list building is the wheels to your vehicle of success. You can have a Lamborghini, but without wheels, what good is it? Your number 1 goal before you do anything in the world of Internet marketing is to learn absolutely everything you can about —> Email Marketing.

-3 Know as much as you can about Jay Abraham’s teachings, because the quality of your knowledge is usually based on the quality of the teachers before you. —> Jay Abraham

-4 You can’t be poor and rich at the same time – you have to choose. Either you keep doing the things that keep you poor, or you can pick up books and courses, follow in the footsteps of those that are already successful, and learn their philosophies. Stop watching so much TV. It’s brain candy, and candy can cause problems. Listen to classical music to slow your mind down. Stop believing what unsuccessful people tell you. Look at problems and only try to find solutions (not make the problem worse). Remember that laughter can make you blissful, and bliss creates ease, and ease helps us think much clearer. Find someone to bounce ideas off of.

-5 Keep it simple. Simplicity is the key to movement, and the path to least resistance. Your car and your computer are much like your body, which is a complex machine, but the beauty is in their overall simplicity. So when you’re presenting something complex, find the simplest way to explain it or demonstrate it.

-6 Keep focused. There is no such thing as information overload; learn absolutely everything that you can learn about the specific niche or education that you’re engulfing. Focus on one thing at a time, because there’s always going to be an infinite amount of information. Just make sure to ration yourself.

-7 Money is the least common denominator of wealth. Keep money off of your mind completely, and refer back to number 2. Knowledge is power, and the more knowledgeable you are, the more authority you have, which naturally gives you more power. Remember, money has no value other than purchasing content; if you want a real future, you need assets, and that’s why it’s important to learn to how to build an email list. This way you can leverage that authority, all with a click of a button.

-8 I have to say this again: Riches don’t make your life better. I can hire someone right now to take you to the middle of the deepest jungle and give you half a million dollars. Tell me, of what use will it be? Now, if someone came to that jungle and tried to sell you a $10,000 hamburger with some fries, guess what? You’d buy it – why? Because the burger and fries are more valuable than the money, and in that case, the solution to your hunger is the food, and this valuable food is the contents. That’s why we want to become valuable and provide solutions. So, always keep in mind, it’s not the money you’re after, but the contents of what the money can buy (critically important), and the more valuable you are, the easier it becomes to obtain the money. Money is simply a form we use for transactions. If tomorrow money becomes obsolete, and shoe strings are the strongest currency, then, my friend, I will become a very poor man, because I only wear flip flops.

-9 Leverage is the strongest form of currency you can possibly have. All of the traffic you buy in this world is you simply leveraging that company’s or that person’s platform. Learn as much as you can about leveraging, because it’s the fastest way to wealth.

-10 Being rich is only a perception, which changes based on the person judging, who thinks they are not rich. A person who lives in a foreign country who eats 1 meal a day and has no running water may think you have it all, even if you’re in America and are poor. If you adapt a mindset that says you are poor then you will keep living this limited lifestyle. The only thing that separates rich people and poor people is money. Money is obtained through giving value of some kind. Giving value brings on the perception of success. The perception of success is that more people are now aware of your ability to give value. There is no law of attraction. There is only “stop doing the things that keep you poor.”

-11 Do you see Bill Gates giving income proof? You don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Usually those who want to hound you about proof are the ones who aren’t making a dime. Separate yourself from those people, unless it’s absolutely critical. I used to have income proof screens, and even videos of me logging into my accounts, but what I realized is that, that didn’t help anyone. The income I made didn’t help those who were there to learn. Work to your fullest – and I do mean fullest – capacity. Understand that this is a business, and treat it as such.

Thank you for reading. I must say, I’ve spent the majority of my life poor –actually, very poor, as some of you may already know. I wish I would have listened to those who were already successful earlier. Wealth starts in your mind first, and it has nothing at all to do with money.

Warm Regards,

“Don’t Just Follow Your Dreams – Stalk Them”
– Daniel